Core Facility: Cell Analysis (CFCA)

A key role in the translational approach of TranslaTUM is reflected in the facility’s central services: a preclinical core facility, a sequencing unit, a preclinical imaging core facility and an advanced cell analysis core facility.

The cell analysis facility at the TranslaTUM provides several platforms for the in-depth analysis of phenotypic and functional cell parameters in the immune system and beyond by hosting different high-end flow cytometers, cell sorters, a high throughput imaging flow cytometer, an advanced confocal microscope platform and a mass cytometer.


Fluorescence and mass cytometry based cell analysis

The broad analytical capabilities of the core facility are based on a variety of instruments that can be used in an interchangeable pipeline to support basic and translational research in oncology.

For the classical flow cytometry based analysis the core facility is equipped with an advanced 5-laser / 20 parameter LSR-Fortessa while safety category 2 or 1 cell sorting can be done on a state-of-the-art 5-laser / 20 parameter FACS Aria.

In bridging flow cytometry and microscopy, a Merck Image Stream X Mark II imaging cytometry system is able to produce multiple enhanced-resolution images of every cell directly in the fast flow, permitting scientists to gather high throughput cellular localization data of biomolecules of interest.

Complementing the flow cytometry based analysis methods a Leica TCS SP8 WLL confocal microscopy platform is supporting research with three-dimensional imaging and exact examination of subcellular structures and dynamic processes.

In addition to the traditional fluorochrome based cytometry, a mass cytometry based analysis platform (Helios - CyTOF technology) will be established. Switching from a fluorescence based to a mass spectrometry based detection method will enable the parallel detection of 40+ different cell parameters. This technique dramatically increases the signal quality and facilitates the collection of significantly more data per cell while reducing the need of high amounts of sample material.

All these in house instruments assist TranslaTUM scientists to follow up questions in more detail while saving valuable time and resources.


Cell Analysis Device Usage Costs


Service platform for TranslaTUM research groups

Pooling instruments into shared core facilities ensures constant availability, provides optimal technical maintenance and concentrates essential knowledge to efficiently operate the equipment. Trained personal is always available for all TranslaTUM research groups and external partners to closely consult on successful experimental design and data analysis, thereby supporting the collaborative and translational goals of the TranslaTUM.


You can obtain further information from:

Contact Person- Core Facility Cell Analysis 
Dr. Ritu Mishra

Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry