The TranslaTUM Mission

Cancer remains one of the most important health challenges of our time. Despite major research efforts, a steadily growing percentage of the population will be affected by cancer during their lifetime. There are many promising new treatments, but many are also associated with disappointing patient response rates. Therefore, there is a great need for strategies that go beyond established biological concepts. As advances in medicine often result from new technologies, TranslaTUM has been designed as a unique research platform that brings together biological discoveries and principles of technology, physics and chemistry under one roof. TranslaTUM is expected to provide a creative atmosphere that encourages researchers to work together on a multidisciplinary attack on cancer. The centre is located in the immediate vicinity of the University Hospital and supports the rapid implementation of new findings and technologies in patient care.


A message from our founding director

In 1968, the School of Medicine of the Technical University of Munich was established to link technology with life sciences and medicine. TranslaTUM represents a focus point for this interaction of various TUM departments with physicians and biologists. The close proximity to the hospital allows intensive interdisciplinary exchange of TUM scientists translating innovations to patient diagnostics and therapy. Concentrating on oncology strengthens one of the major goals of the Klinikum rechts der Isar, which is to improve success in our fight against cancer.

Our Structural Organisation

May, 2021

The structural organization of TranslaTUM is shown above and it is determined in the governance signed by the President of the Technical University of Munich. The tasks of the Supervisory Board and the Scientific Council are described in the governance and comprise advice, control and authority to decide.