Cell Analysis

Ritu Mishra


The Cell Analysis Core Facility is a cross-translational cytometry and imaging facility that allows easy access to a wide range of advanced technologies. The facility hosts high-end flow cytometers and cell sorters, a high throughput imaging cytometer, an advanced confocal microscope platform as well as a mass cytometer for the exploratory edge. This collection of resources and available expertise serves as the ultimate platform for rapid and efficient in-depth phenotypic and functional analysis of features at cellular dimension. The facility conducts projects ranging from immunology to in-vitro diagnostics and also provides commercial state of art technologies as comparison tools to support in-house technology development. Both internal (TranslaTUM, MRI and TUM) and external users are welcome to avail the shared resources offered by the core to facilitate their research efficiently.


What we have

The Cell Analysis Core Facility provides fluorescence and mass cytometry based cell analysis instruments to support basic and translational research.

Rapid multi-parametric cell analysis is in the scope of an advanced 5-laser equipped LSR-Fortessa. Sterile cell sorting for up to Bio II samples is enabled by a state-of-the-art 5-laser / 20 parameter FACS Fusion. For sensitive samples, sterile cell culture facilities exist in the same room.

Amnis Image Stream X Mark II Imaging Flow Cytometer combines the best from the worlds of flow cytometry and microscopy. It is capable of fast and sensitive phenotypic analysis together with crisp imagery of every cell directly in the fast flow, permitting scientists to gather high throughput cellular localization data of biomolecules of interest. Amnis is a 2 camera system equipped with 3 lasers.

High-resolution multi-color imaging of biological processes is feasible on the Leica SP8 Lightning Confocal microscope. The system is equipped with white light (470-670 nm) and 405 lasers, motorized stage, incubator system for full climate control during live cell measurements and deconvolution. Various sample types like cell monolayers, tissue sections, organoids and more can be imaged with the confocal. The 3D and 4D data produced can be visualized and analysed using the Imaris software available on a separate analysis system.

Helios - CyTOF mass cytometry based analysis platform is in its establishment stage and will be available for service soon. Switching from a fluorescence based to a mass spectrometry based detection method enables the parallel detection of 40+ different cell parameters. This technique dramatically increases the signal quality and facilitates the collection of significantly more data per cell whereby reducing the need of large amounts of sample material.

What we offer

The Cell Analysis Core Facility aims at an effortless access of the various available instruments for the researchers to the support their research goals. We offer consultation for instrument selection, experimental design as well as service-based measurements for occasional users. Frequent users undergo intensive training by experts on the instrument of choice before they can independently operate them.  Trained personal is always available for troubleshooting and supporting in achieving the project motives.