Computational Imaging and Quantitative MRI in Neurooncology

Jan Kirschke and Benedikt Wiestler

Benedikt Wiestler and Jan Kirschke share the lead of the Translatum-based research group. They both work in close collaboration with Björn Menze.

Benedikt Wiestler is a resident in the Department of Neuroradiology at Klinikum rechts der Isar, TUM. He was a postdoc researcher at DKFZ Heidelberg, working on bioinformatics in glioma (epi)genomics. Currently, he is researching (deep) learning strategies for image analysis.
Jan Kirschke is currently attending (neuro)radiologist and member of the faculty at the department of neuroradiology at the “Technische Universität München” in Munich, Germany. He started working on high resolution imaging in 2001 and is currently focusing on quantitative imaging, image based biomechanical modelling and imaging in neurooncology.


Within our Group, we establish quantitative imaging to visualize, describe and model pathophysiology in neurooncology. We aim to develop algorithms and strategies to make the wealth of information accessible to clinicians. To this end, we are developing tools for (un)supervised lesion detection / segmentation, classification and data integration. We evaluate the utility of these tools for better disease characterization and outcome prediction, in particular in gliomas.


  • Benedikt Wiestler: 2019 Kurt-Decker-Preis @ DGNR
  • Jan Kirschke: 2014 ERC Starting Grant