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M. Ali Nasseri - Cognitive Cell Micromanipulation Laboratory

Research focus

M. Ali Nasseri conducts research in areas related to micro- biomedical- technology where imaging, computer science and AI, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering are applied to medical and biological applications in micro and nano scales. Recently he is putting special effort to upgrade the autonomy level of the aforementioned technologies such as developing micromanipulators and surgical robots with high autonomy levels.

M. Ali Nasseri studied electrical engineering (B.Sc.), mechatronics (M.Sc.) and medical robotics (Dr.-Ing.), and habilitation (Priv. Doz.) in the faculty of medicine with a focus on medical autonomy and machine intelligence. Following an experience of being the scientific manager of a European project with 40+ partners (ECHORD) and since 2015 he is now serving as the founding director of the medical autonomy and precision surgery (MAPS) laboratory at the ophthalmology department of Klinikum Rechts der Isar. Ali has published more than 100 peer-reviewed publications and obtained several international awards. Diverse education and training in engineering and medical science as well as his entrepreneurship experiences are in line with his interest in biomedical precision technologies such as micromanipulation and microsurgery in research, development, and translation. Ali’s research group is supported by several grants from public (BFS, DFG, and NIH) and industrial grants.

  • Best short paper award, VCBM (2019)
  • German Citizenship for highly qualified researchers
  • Best student paper award for Sasan Matinfar, MICCAI (2017)
  • Robot Dalen Innovation Award (2015)
  • German permanent residency for highly qualified researchers (2013)
  • EXIST Forschungstransfer Finalist (2012)
  • Best poster award GSISH jubilee (2012)
  • Award for most innovative idea GMSI (2011)
  • Scholarship – Doctoral Study for 3 years (2011)

[Buchkapitel] Handbook of Robotic and Image-Guided Surgery, 2020

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PD Ali M. Nasseri, PhD
Technical University of Munich
Chair of Biological Imaging
School of Medicine
Ophthalmology Clinic and Polyclinic
Helmholtz Zentrum München
Institute of Biological and Medical Imaging
Phone:+49 89 4140 4075