Control and Manipulation of Microscale Living Objects

Ghulam Destgeer

Ghulam Destgeer studied mechanical engineering at GIK Institute, Pakistan (2010), and obtained his MS and PhD degrees in the field of acousto-microfluidics from KAIST, South Korea (2018). He conducted his postdoctoral research in the Di Carlo Lab at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). In November 2020, he joined TranslaTUM as a Tenure Track Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, where he leads the research group “Control and Manipulation of Microscale Living Objects”. Before that, he pioneered the acousto-microfluidic research at KAIST during his graduate studies, where he explored the use of travelling surface acoustic waves to efficiently manipulate micro-objects inside a microfluidic channel and a sessile droplet. At UCLA, he contributed to the development of newly envisioned ‘Lab on a Particle’ technology that uses amphiphilic, 3D structured and shape-coded particles to form uniform particle-templated droplets or ‘dropicles’ upon simple mixing of reagents. These ‘dropilces’ are used for amplified affinity based immunoassay or single cell/molecule analysis. He has coauthored more than 35 peer-reviewed articles in renowned journals of ‘Lab on a Chip’, ‘Analytical Chemistry’, ‘Advanced Science’, etc. He has presented his research work at more than 10 international platforms that include several invited talks.

Dr. Destgeer's (*1990) research focuses on the development of miniaturized microfluidic 'lab on a chip' platforms for efficient manipulation of micro-objects, including cells, particles, droplets, and microorganisms, using MHz-frequency acoustic waves. With a background in microfluidic platform development, he has a deep interest in handling the micro-objects (cell, particles, droplet, etc.) using passive as well as active microfluidic devices. Another research focus revolves around the development of newly envisioned 'lab on a particle' technology to fabricate 3D, multi-material, amphiphilic, shape-coded particles, and utilize them to spontaneously form 100s of particle-templated drops for single cell/molecule analysis within seconds. He hopes to use and further develop the ‘lab on a particle’ technology for the translational cancer research.

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