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International B Cell Metabolism Club


  • 1st Thursday of the month
  • starting at 4 PM GMT (= 5 PM in Munich, 4 PM in UK, 11 AM in NYC/Boston/NC/Atlanta, 10 AM Central (Nashville) out to 8 AM Pacific Time Zone (USA))

Presentation format:

  • Please prepare a 30 – 40 minute presentation of your own work. Conflicting results or interesting findings are welcome! If you would like to discuss a paper – a journal club-style presentation is possible as well.
  • In any case, please also include a 10 – 15 min presentation of a method you use in your lab to investigate B cell metabolism (or related methods of interest, that you feel worth discussing). We recommend the method being presented by another member of your lab (PhD student, Postdoc)

We encourage open discussion of data and for this reason please keep all information confidential.

If you are interested and would like to join – please contact Julia Jellusova or Dr. Selina Keppler

04.03.2021: Kick-off meeting, Introduction

01.04.2021: Julia Jellusova + Marieta Caganova (Rajewsky lab)

06.05.2021: Mark Boothby

03.06.2021 – postponed to 15.7.2021: Selina Keppler

01.07.2021: Frederic Gros

05.08.2021: Aaron Marshall

26.08.2021: Special Seminar : Rafael Jose Arguello

02.09.2021: Zeng Hu

16.09.2021: Special Seminar : John Blenis

07.10.2021: Rens Peeters

04.11.2021: Sophia Urbanczyk (Mielenz lab)

02.12.2021: Jeffrey Rathmell and Ayaka Sugiura

03.02.2022: Roberto Sitia and Chiara Gianonne

03.03.2022: Sara Hernández-Pérez (Mattila group)

07.04.2022: Takeshi Tsubata (3pm!)

12.04.2022: Nicole Strittmatter

05.05.2022: Mark Boothby

02.06.2022: Marion Espéli

09.06.2022: Fabiana Perocchi

07.07.2022: Katharina Pracht

04.08.2022: Chaohong Liu

01.09.2022: Nuria Martinez Martin

06.10.2022: Munir Akkaya

03.11.2022: Laura Patrussi

01.12.2022: Alexander Clarke

02.02.2023: Stephan Hailfinger

17.02.2023: Special seminar: Sarah-Maria Fendt

02.03.2023: Kei Haniuda

30.03.2023: John Riches

04.05.2023: Rebekah Steiner (Hess lab)

01.06.2023: Raluca Niesner

15.06.2023: Special Seminar: Peter Murray

06.07.2023: Carolin Ulbricht

07.09.2023: Jayanta Chaudhuri

05.10.2023: Maike Buchner

02.11.2023: Elizabeth Rosser

07.12.2023: Nadine Hövelmeyer

01.02.2024: Noah Butler

07.03.2024: Efeyan Alejo

04.04.2024: Dirk Mielenz

02.05.2024: Alexander Clarke